Xbox Sonic Frontiers controller could stab you if you’re not careful

TagMODS and Turtle Beach are offering special-edition Xbox Sonic Frontiers controllers in Australia, but their odd design could be dangerous.

A new tailor-made sound borders The Xbox controller takes design cues from the iconic Blue Blur, and gamers might want to be careful when using it. Earlier this month, Sega launched the next chapter of the sonic the hedgehog franchisee with sound borders. This colorful platformer aims to take the long haul Sonic series in a new direction with a darker storyline and a mysterious open world that the famous hedgehog must traverse as he fights to save his friends from the kingdom of cyberspace.


sound borders has been praised by some and criticized by others for being different from tradition Sonic gameplay formula and custom game hardware companies TagMODS and Turtle Beach have created a brand new, sound borders– Xbox Series X/S controller themed to commemorate the new game. As reported by GameSpotthis controller is colored Sonic Blue with red and white grips to represent Sonic’s trademark sneakers, but there’s an extra twist on the back – a set of 50 pointed spikes that resemble Sonic’s hair from the action live sonic the hedgehog movies. Unfortunately, these controllers will only be available as part of a freebie from Australian video game distributor Five Star Games. Although they were more widely available to the public, the pointed sound borders the controllers are priced at 470 AUD (or $318.63) each.

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Custom Sonic Frontiers controllers will not be sold at retail

A profile picture of a specially designed Xbox Sonic Frontiers controller

These new points sound borders The controllers aren’t the first time Sega’s favorite talking marsupial has inspired weird and somewhat impractical gaming hardware. Earlier this year, Microsoft offered a specially designed giveaway Sonic Xbox console, presented by the lead actor to celebrate the live-action release sonic the hedgehog 2 film, complete with fur Sonic controllers inspired by Sonic and Knuckles. While some fans thought these fuzzy gamepads were cute, others were rightly concerned about dirt and grease accumulating during long gaming sessions.

Likewise, while the new Turtle Beach sound borders Xbox controllers seem like a fun new thing at first glance, the sharp prickles on the back don’t seem very secure. They are positioned just in front of the special controller’s programmable rear buttons and seem like they could easily prick the player’s fingers during an intense session of sound borders, especially if the player is a young child. Just like the aforementioned hairy Sonic cinema controllers, cleaning them can also be difficult due to grease and dirt getting between the spines.

Only a privileged few sound borders fans in Australia will be able to try out these new Sonic-themed Xbox Series X/S controllers for themselves, as only 20 of the 30 ordered by Five Star Games will be given away in its latest contest. However, given the inconvenience and absolute danger that could come from novelty quills on the back, most sound borders gamers are probably best to stick with a normal controller while tackling Blue Blur’s new high-speed adventure.

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Source: Turtle Beach Australia/Twitter (via GameSpot)

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