Wind turbine maker Vestas shuts down some IT systems after cybersecurity incident

Vestas Wind Systems A / S, one of the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturers, said on Saturday it had shut down computer systems at several sites to deal with a cybersecurity incident.

The incident happened on Friday and the company is working on recovering its systems, according to a Vestas statement on Saturday. The shutdown may affect ‘customers, employees and other stakeholders’, Aarhus, Denmark-based 0NMK company

“As part of our crisis management setup for cybersecurity, we are working with our internal and external partners to fully contain the issue and recover our systems,” the company said in its statement.

Wind turbine manufacturers and energy utilities grapple with high commodity prices, including for natural gas in Europe, as economies recover from the COVID pandemic. The company earlier this month reduced its profit outlook for the year, as higher steel prices boosted production costs, Bloomberg reported.

While the cybersecurity issue may affect production, so far it has not affected the turbines already operated by Vestas customers, nor the company’s ability to maintain these machines.

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