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As companies begin to reshape the traditional workplace model and innovate in their approach to employee gratification, many are turning to benefits outside the office to attract and retain top talent. According to IDG’s Insider Pro, what is key to being an attractive business is “compensation and benefits,” and some do it better than their competition.

Insider Pro offers research, analysis, reviews, and more for IT pros. He believes that factors such as career advancement, education, diversity, sustainability and development opportunities are becoming increasingly important in providing a pleasant workplace. This is perpetually true in a post-pandemic world.

This is why, for the 28th interpretation of his The best places to work in IT report, the team set out to assess what IT professionals expect from their jobs now that the world of work has changed, and “which employers are investing in their future.”

Three local businesses were on the list

Axxess, IT Convergence and Armor were the only North Texas companies recognized on the new list, all in the small organization category (1,000 US employees or less).

Axxess ranks first in three categories

Dallas-based Axxess placed 5th in the Small Organization Rankings, the seventh year in a row she’s received the award. Axxess was particularly cited in the report for two other accomplishments: topping the list at # 1 for diversity and # 2 for overall retention.

“At Axxess, we have a culture of openness and collaboration, and everyone has the power to get to work every day,” Axxess Founder and CEO John Olajide said in a statement. “The Axxess Way is our commitment to treat each Axxessian as an individual, to respect their dignity, to recognize their merit and to provide a sense of security and fair compensation. I am proud that Axxess has won this award again.

The company, which provides solutions to improve home care for more than two million patients worldwide, emphasizes “excellence, transparency, diversity, equity and inclusion” in its “Axxess Way” culture.

IT Convergence “sees leaders”

This is also true for the IT convergence based on Irving. Coming to No. 14 on the list, the company says it doesn’t “see gender, race, or creed,” it sees leaders. IT Convergence delivers cloud solutions and migration strategies that meet customer business needs, drive cloud adoption, and enable digital transformation. IT Convergance also ranked 10th for diversity.

Armor celebrates the point of view of every employee

Armor, ranked 17th, celebrates “the individual attributes, characteristics and perspectives that make each person what they are”. The company, headquartered in Richardson, provides simple, achievable and manageable security and compliance services in any environment.

The value of being agile, flexible and more

“Attracting and retaining the best IT talent to find, deploy and maintain technology has never been more critical,” said Kate Hoy, editor-in-chief of IDG’s Insider Pro. “Companies that earned a spot on the Insider Pro and Computerworld 2021 Best Places to Work in IT list have been able to foster nimble and flexible work environments, while continuing to maintain competitive compensation and benefits. In addition, they promote a spirit of diversity, social responsibility, training and innovation.

For IT professionals, a stimulating yet enjoyable environment will always be of value, even in a work from home situation.

During the past tumultuous year, some companies have successfully adapted to keep employees happy and maintain a strong culture, according to Insider Pro.

Marc Ambasna-Jones and the Insider Pro team explain that they wanted to assess reactions to the COVID-19 pandemic when compiling their annual rankings, but didn’t want to dwell too much on it. “After all,” they say, IT professionals “have been at the forefront in providing and supporting remote work tools.”

Overall, they found that IT professionals are more concerned with how organizations will meet the demands of a permanent hybrid work environment.

Equally important for IT professionals: having the opportunity to further their career, their salary, access to training and skills development, additional benefits offered, diversity and inclusion.

“Of course, all businesses can claim to instill ideals, create policies, and spend money on tools and services, but ultimately that has to mean something to those who do the actual work,” writes Ambasna-Jones. “While not all businesses are successful all the time, it never hurts to put people first. This is the long term game. Everything else will just be caught out.

Compile the The best places to work in IT

Insider Pro and Computerworld analysts found 100 remarkable organizations to recognize based on the results of a comprehensive 52-question survey based on a company’s offerings. Categories such as benefits, career development, training and retention, and of course, the COVID-19 response, have been covered.

They also asked about average salary, percentage of IT staff promoted, IT staff turnover rates, and percentage of women and minorities in IT staff and leadership positions.

From there, companies selected a random sample of employees from their US-based full-time and part-time IT staff to complete an employee survey. They rated their employer on IT morale, work / life balance, and overall satisfaction.

According to Insider Pro, 21,820 IT employees responded from the last 100 organizations selected.

The results were “weighted according to importance ratings provided by employee survey respondents,” says Insider Pro. “About half of the total rating was based on employee responses, with the other half based on the benefits survey and other company programs. “

David Seeley and Quincy Preston contributed to this report.

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