This ‘image’ was the identity of every computer in the world, do you know the exciting story behind

Washington: Until a few years ago when you were using Windows XP, you would have seen the default wallpaper of blue sky and green mountains. You may think of it as a computer-made image until today, but this image is not computer-made. The place shown in this photo is real. Attempts were made to redraw this image several times, but it never came out like this. Let’s know the story behind it.

The name of this image is Bliss. It was captured in 1996 by American photographer Charles O’Rear. This place is California’s Napa Valley. Napa Valley is famous for the wine and the grapes grown to make it. Charles was on his way to meet his girlfriend (now wife) by this road, when he saw this beautiful sight. He saw that the sky was completely blue and there were some clouds in it. The earth is green because of the vine which looks like a landscape.

Microsoft selected image for Windows XP launch
When Charles saw this scene, he stopped his car. He took this photo with the 1980 Mamiya RZ67 SLR camera. He then uploaded this image to Corbis, a Microsoft website. Here people could buy images for their own use. In the year 2000, before the launch of Windows XP, Microsoft explored Corbis for background images. After that, he selected Charles’ photo as the default wallpaper.
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Microsoft wanted this negative image. 20 years ago today, sending a photo wasn’t as easy as emailing. When Charles wanted to send a negative of his photo to Microsoft, the courier company refused to take it. Indeed, Charles was about to receive a huge sum of money from Microsoft, so the value of the negative became too high. If this negative is lost, the courier company would have to pay a huge sum in the form of insurance. Time passed continuously, in such a situation, the photographer came to give a negative to Microsoft from the back of the plane.

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