The cleaning lady of the Israeli defense minister accused of espionage | Israel

Israel has accused the country’s defense minister’s housekeeper of spying for offering to spy on hackers who are believed to be linked to Iran.

The man, identified as Omri Goren, is said to have a criminal record but worked at Benny Gantz’s home as a housekeeper and caretaker.

His arrest raised questions about the rigor of background checks on those with access to Israeli leaders. The Shin Bet security service, which announced the arrest, said it was reviewing its screening procedures.

According to the security service and the indictment, Goren saw reports in the Israeli media about a group of hackers called “Black Shadow”. He researched the group and used the Telegram app to contact one of his agents, posing as someone who worked for Gantz. Goren demonstrated his access to the Minister of Defense by sending photographs of various objects in Gantz’s house, including his computer.

The government said Goren, also identified in the indictment as Gorochovsky, spoke of infecting Gantz’s computer with malware, but was shut down before any plan was implemented. . He did not have access to classified documents, he said.

Israeli media reported that Goren has been jailed four times, including for armed robbery and housebreaking. According to reports, he did not undergo a security screening prior to working for Gantz.

Goren’s public defender Gal Wolf has been quoted in news reports saying the suspect is in desperate need of the money and has no intention of harming national security.

According to Israeli media, “Black Shadow” has been linked to Iran and is responsible for a series of hacking attacks on widely used websites.

“There are concerns about the entire security control system in the State of Israel, which is funded by tens of millions of shekels from taxpayers every year,” tweeted Barak Ravid, diplomatic correspondent for Walla News. . “The Iranians must burst out laughing. “

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