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Every day it is more important for school-aged children to have good computers so that they can support what they learn in school.

There are also autonomous communities where books have been supplanted by computers, not only because they teach all the subjects, but also because they get used to using this type of device, which will remain with them all their lives. . .

Probably, we clearly know what kind of computer would be good for us both for work and leisure, but if we think of such a device for a child, we might be more skeptical. .

When buying a computer, many parents are asked different questions, for example, is it more practical? portable Or a desktop computer, what should be its screen size, what should be its processor, how much RAM and some other questions.

We will try to solve all these problems, giving some tips so that in the end the child or teenager can have the best laptop.

what kind of computer?

The type of computer will be related to the age and type of the child, rather than the device itself.

Obviously, that wouldn’t be the same as buying a computer for a kid just starting ESO, like the one we’re talking about with an already highly rated teenager.

  • portable: This is a great option whether we have a child or teenager at home, as the mobility will allow them to be transported around the classroom when needed. Obviously, usage is going to vary, so it’s assumed that the closer to the age of majority you are, the better computer you’ll need.
  • dessert: This type of computer is generally more geared towards the type of child or teenager who uses the computer not only as a means of study, but also in the context of interactions with the rest of their friends via games multiplayer. Unable to move it from one place to another, as in the previous case, the child builds his “sanctuary” around his computer.
  • convertible: These devices can also be used as tablets. They are more suitable for young children, as most of the time they will use it without a keyboard, only if they are using slightly more complex applications.

Buying a cheap laptop isn’t an easy task: you don’t want to spend a lot of money, but you’re not willing to give up basic tech features for what you’re going to use. In this guide, we show you how to make the right purchase.

What will the computer be used for?

In addition to analyzing the type of computer most suitable for the miner, it is also necessary to analyze the equipment that one is going to use.

He made it clear what features the PC should have, because It wouldn’t be the same to use it for a few simple applications and to browsewants use for study Hey as a gaming computer To play the latest games.

We won’t have children either, that won’t happen It takes very little time to reach the university And we want this computer to be able to handle the speed at which you regularly use it.

we can be satisfied the computer low level when we’re talking about little kids That in fact they will use extremely simple applications and always under the supervision of an adult.

When we already have a preteen at home, the benefits should be greater, not precisely because of the demands of his studies, since the web pages that are usually used for this purpose do not require great power, but they do. for your free timeWhere they would like to play the next generation of games.

It will not be enough to be aware of the performance of the computer as soon as it enters adolescence, because not only will it play the latest games, connect with its friends, but you must also be aware of it. A Powerful tools in terms of network,


Concretely, all areas of IT will be based on what we talked about in the previous point, that is to say what the device will be used for.

exactly the same thing happens with filterSince, if we decide on a laptop, a small child will be very happy with your screen 11 or 12 inches, as it grows, it must expand, because the demands are going to be very high. Generally, the best-selling computer for Juveniles are about 14 or 15 inches tall,

Buying a desktop computer will be more or less the same with the monitors we’ve seen in laptops, except these devices are always bigger.

It is clear that when teenagers want to have their own space to play with their friends online, they will more or less need a bigger screen.

You don’t need a desktop computer to get the functionality of a powerful PC. Take a look at these mini PCs that fit in any corner.

processor and memory

While our son is young, we can buy him computers with decent enough processor and memory, knowing that he will have plenty for what he is going to use.

We’ll have to pick it up until it’s big Intel Core or AMD Ryzen As a possible processor, a . Furthermore RAM memory greater than 4 GB.

If a time comes when an interest in the game and everything related to it becomes necessary, it will be necessary to decide Internals that let you move these games around with at least some ease(Intel i5 or higher and minimum 8 GB of RAM).

Connectivity and accessories

section of Connectivity will change drastically as children get olderAs in the beginning, you can be satisfied with a certain type of goods, but later the demand will be higher and different.

The more it grows, not only the number of accessories they want to replace, but also their number, in addition to being extremely important that the connectivity gives them enough speed to be able to carry out the tasks they need.

Supercomputers are fighting climate change, researching cures for disease, and accelerating the use of artificial intelligence. They are the most powerful in the world.


Although it may seem otherwise, the truth is that, thanks to the wide variety of computers currently sold, We can always find a device that meets the needs of the child or teenager,

Everything will depend on the purchasing power of each family, but it is also true that thanks to all the brands dedicated to the manufacture of this type of material, today You can find computers that suit all types of budgets and imaginary situations.

What we want to clarify from this article is that depending on the age of the child, the amount of computer he needs varies from year to year, because it is inevitable that he will want a computer not only for studying, but also for your free time, like adults.

That’s why we should seriously analyze your age, the equipment you will need, choose from all kinds of computers the best one for you and compare the prices of different brands until you find it. Can’t find the right one for you. Best possible for our budget and minor complaints.

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