T-Mobile offers one year of Paramount Plus Essentials to new and existing subscribers

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It was first Netflix, then it was Apple TV Plus. From November 9, T-Mobile is offering another streaming service to its users: Paramount Plus.

On Thursday, the wireless service provider announced that it will soon be offering new and existing customers – including those with older T-Mobile or Sprint plans – a free year of Paramount Plus Essentials on the carrier. Normally $ 5 per month (or $ 50 if paid annually), this version of the streaming service includes access to live NFL and Champions League games as well as “tens of thousands of episodes and movies. “.

Notable franchises on the streaming service include Star Trek, Paw Patrol, and NCIS. The Essentials plan, which features commercials, also includes access to original Paramount Plus lineup such as Star Trek: Picard, The Good Fight and the iCarly reboot as well as upcoming shows like Mayor of Kingstown and the spin -off of Yellowstone Y: 1833.

T-Mobile’s offer is for the Essentials plan only and the operator will not subsidize the Premium option of Paramount Plus. This plan costs $ 10 per month (or less than $ 100 if paid annually), is largely ad-free, and includes the ability to watch your local CBS station live as well as the ability to download shows and movies. to watch offline.

T-Mobile is making the Paramount Plus offer open to anyone with a consumer postpaid account, which means you pay your bill at the end of the month and cannot use the service on a “T- plan” Mobile for Business ”provided by an employer. However, this includes T-Mobile or Sprint customers with older consumer plans that are not unlimited, as well as those who only use the wireless service provider for their own business. Home Internet service of $ 50 per month.

As with other T-Mobile offerings, this is a Paramount Plus subscription per account, not per line. After the year is up, you’ll automatically be billed $ 5 per month (or whatever rate Paramount Plus charges for the plan) unless you cancel first. If you’re already paying for Paramount Plus Premium or another plan, you’ll need to cancel your existing subscription (or wait until your current billing cycle ends) and then re-enroll through T-Mobile to have the operator pay the bill.

Full details on the promotion can be found on the T-Mobile website.

The larger eligibility network is a bit of a departure from the offerings of wireless carriers. Most of the offers force users to upgrade to more expensive unlimited plans. T-Mobile only offers free Netflix with its Magenta and Magenta Max plans, while Verizon only offers The Disney Bundle (Hulu, Disney Plus, and ESPN Plus) and one year of Discovery Plus with its Play More and Get More options. AT&T only distributes free HBO Max to those who have its Elite Unlimited plan.

T-Mobile’s most recent streaming offering, the Free Year of Apple TV Plus, is limited to only accounts that have its most recent Magenta and Magenta Max plans.

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