State forces allegedly behind cyberattacks against PH’s alternative media


Recent findings from the Sweden-based Qurium Media Foundation confirm our suspicions that cyberattacks against Boulatlat and Altermidya are apparently politically motivated and state sponsored.

Qurium’s forensic investigation published on its website reveals that the attacks were attributed to the Philippine military with the identity “[email protected] Taguig Red Server”. Globally, the top-level domain “mil” is reserved for the military establishment. Not surprisingly, the URL “” is the official website of the Philippine Army.

The intellectual property used for the attacks was leased to the Department of Science and Technology by the private company IP Solutions. Qurium also found the attacker’s IP address in Wikipedia editions for the article “Chief of the Army (Philippines)” and many others related to the military.

Research on the attacker’s IP reveals this information.
Attacker’s IP address found in the Edits of Wikipedia entry of the Chief of the Philippine Army.

We are not surprised by the results of recent digital forensics. State agents and the National Working Group to End the Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC) have always labeled us as communist fronts for the pursuit of journalism for the people. Yet we are angry that taxpayers’ money is being spent to take down our website and deny our readers access to our story.

We Bulatlat and our colleagues in other alternative media organizations strive every day to bring stories from the ground up, especially in this time of pandemic. We view these efforts by state security agents as an attack on press freedom and people’s right to information.

We call on the Philippine military and the Department of Science and Technology to stop cyber attacks and respect our right to publish.

We call on private IT companies not to allow their infrastructure to be used to violate press freedom.

We thank our Qurium allies for continuing to mitigate attacks and ensure we stay in cyberspace.

We will continue to speak the truth from the perspective of the marginalized and oppressed. We call on our Filipino media colleagues and our public to continue to defend press freedom.


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