South Australia invests in space, defense and cybersecurity in budget 2021-22


Taking a forward-looking approach to South Australia’s future, the government of South Australia has announced it will step up investments in technology-driven sectors such as defense, space and cybersecurity while pronouncing the 2021-2022 budget. [PDF].

“This budget is our plan for a stronger South Australia, creating jobs, building what matters and delivering better services to strengthen our growing global reputation as one of the safest and most attractive places in the world. to live, work and raise a family, ”Treasurer Rob Lucas said on Tuesday.

Some of the specific funding announcements include A $ 20.8 million to upgrade existing buildings in Lot Fourteen to make room for expanding space, digital, high-tech and cyber businesses, with a particular focus on the companies involved. in the development of small satellites.

Separately, A $ 6.6 million will be paid over five years to help the SASAT1 space services mission, which will see a local manufacturer launch a small satellite in mid-2022 and provide space services to the state.

South Australia’s Defense and Space Landing Pad program has also received a boost, with the state government saying it will provide AU $ 860,000 over three years for the program which is used to support international businesses in defense and space that bring new capabilities sought in the South. Australia.

Local artificial intelligence and health tech companies are expected to receive additional support through an A $ 1.6 million allocation provided over four years. As part of this investment, A $ 985,000 will be used for grants to support AI and health technology companies through matching co-funding for health app pilot projects, and $ 589,000 Australians for carrying out project support activities, including investment concierge services.

Meanwhile, A $ 2.6 million will be set aside to help small businesses develop digital and cybersecurity capabilities as well as other capabilities to enter the domestic market.

The budget documents also indicate that AU $ 21.1 million over three years will be spent on the implementation of stages three and four of the South Australia Police Shield project, which involves directly linking the data and records management system to South Australia Police to other justice sector agencies. The state government announced that the move would improve collaboration and data sharing capabilities.

In an effort to strengthen the response to bushfires, the 2021-2022 budget revealed that it will contribute A $ 7.7 million over four years to the on-going management, support and maintenance of automatic locator systems. vehicles (AVL) used by the emergency services sector. AVL provides real-time location information of firefighters and other emergency response vehicles during incidents. The AVL is expected to be installed in around 1,400 vehicles at a total cost of AU $ 12.7 million.

Additionally, Budget 2021-22 indicated that support for the state government’s commitment to improve digital services for citizens continues through its A $ 120 million digital restart fund, noting AU $ 4.3 million in 2021-2022 will be spent on the Government of South Australia’s online services portal, AU $ 5.5 million over two years for the expansion of the corporate personal care system seniors in residence, A $ 1.3 million over two years for Child and Family Services Information Systems and A $ 500,000 in 2021-2022 for the Safeguarding smartphone app.

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