Roshni Nilaya to mark ‘Crime Prevention Month – December 21’ for street organized crime awareness

Roshni Nilaya to mark ‘Crime Prevention Month – December 21’ for street organized crime awareness

Mangaluru: Under “Crime Prevention Month December 2021”, students of the Department of Criminology, School of Social Work, Roshni Nilaya, Mangaluru in collaboration with Mangaluru City Police, under the supervision of Hariram Shankar, IPS DCP (Law and Order) and PAHedge, ACP Central Subdivision has reached out to the general public by performing crime awareness street plays in thirteen different locations in Mangaluru town, such as Forum Fiza Mall-Pandeshwar, Service Bus Stop- Hampankatta, KSRTC Bus stop, Bharath Mall-Lalbagh, Gandhi Park, Urwa Store Bus stop, Kodical field, City Center-KS Rao Road mall, central market, Rao and Rao circle, Kadri temple district, Kodical stop Kankanady bus and Kadri park, among other places

The students performed Street Play on various forms of crime like harassment in public transport, drug addiction and the ill effects of drug use, chain snatch and cheating, teasing, cyberspace evils and and finally the result of reckless and negligent driving. The team also raised awareness among the general public on how to prevent such incidents in society and protect themselves from such evils.

The team concluded the play by communicating an effective collection of quotes that went along with the whole concept of the play. Students from the Street play team also raised awareness about how to prevent such situations in the future. The street game was greatly appreciated by officials and the general public. The program was coordinated by Ms. Sarik Ankitha, Head of Department of Criminology, UG, School of Social Work, Roshni Nilaya, Mangaluru

Crime Prevention Month, designated as such with the goal of empowering citizens to help prevent crime in the community and make their neighborhoods safer. Towards this goal, the police department encourages citizens to be aware of the simple steps they can take to help reduce crime in their neighborhoods. Many of the crimes that take place in many residential areas are property crime, burglary, harassment, assault, and robbery among the most common. Some of the things people can do to protect their homes and vehicles include providing adequate lighting in dark areas around the exterior of the home, making sure door and window locks are secure, having a dog at home, make sure to lock the doors of the vehicles, and not leave valuables in the vehicles. Other things to remember: Keep your property clean and tidy to eliminate hiding places, install an alarm system, and only open your garage door when you are entering or exiting a vehicle. It’s a relatively simple trick that can have positive results by making you a harder target for criminals.

When you are on the move, visiting certain stores, or visiting friends elsewhere in town or in another town, try to park in a well-lit area that is not too far from the location. where you will be. When exiting or returning to your vehicle, pay attention to others around you. Lock your doors once inside your vehicle. Back in your own neighborhood, it is important to know your neighbors so that everyone can protect themselves by being aware and attentive to what is happening in the neighborhood every day. The people who know their neighborhood the best are the people who live there. They know who belongs and who does not. If something is wrong, out of place, or out of the ordinary, it is worth asking the police to check it out in case there may be any criminal activity. If you are a woman, don’t go out after dark if you really don’t have to.

Help the members of a neighborhood to establish good contacts with each other. The work of Roshni Nilaya Criminology Department joined with the Police Department to provide education and information regarding crime prevention and improving security to be appreciated and commended. The celebration aims to recognize and celebrate crime prevention, while also promoting awareness of issues such as victimization, volunteering and building safer and more caring communities. While Crime Prevention Month is a good time to remember it, taking action to prevent crime and make local neighborhoods safer is something that needs to be done every day of the year.

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