Queensway Carleton Hospital is experiencing a communications outage

The Internet and external telephone lines at Queensway Carleton Hospital went down around 2 p.m. Friday.

A hospital spokesperson said the communications outage was caused by a network hardware failure and redundancy systems were delayed.

“Staff have reverted to paper-based mapping by hand and other emergency shutdown procedures, such as radio communication and emergency phone lines,” spokeswoman Ann Fuller told CBC in an email.

Fuller said the outage could cause delays in the emergency department as patients wait longer to be seen.

For families of admitted patients, Fuller said, they’re likely to have difficulty reaching their family member or clinical team.

The hospital’s Twitter account promises updates on the situation.

Fuller said this isn’t the first time the hospital has suffered an outage like this, but couldn’t confirm when the last one occurred.

Their phone lines were also cut during the destructive derecho storm the city experienced in May.

The outage follows the “critical” network outage at all three Ottawa Hospital sites last week, where hospital officials left the situation publicly unexplained for nearly 12 hours.

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