Partnership works to speed up fiber optic access for county residents

MEDINA, Ohio – Medina Fiber recently celebrated a milestone of “enlightening” the first customers to receive high speed fiber internet in Medina County. Over the next few years, 45,000 additional residents and businesses are expected to receive services. Building a network that connects the entire county takes time, but a strong partnership between Medina Fiber and Ohio Edison keeps the project moving.

“We cannot overstate how helpful it has been to work closely with Ohio Edison over the past few weeks. We are working towards a common goal of providing the first and only fiber-to-the-home network in the county for residents of Medina County, ”said Chris Kirkland, vice president of market deployments. “Every fiber network operator hopes to build a strong relationship with utility pole owners, and we’ve been fortunate to have that with Ohio Edison. “

In some parts of the country, slow right-of-way application processes can slow or even stop fiber network construction projects. Ohio Edison, on the other hand, is speeding up the application process to move the project forward.

“Medina Fiber was open to our contribution and quickly delivered what we need to ensure the network is built safely and efficiently,” said Mark Josef, general supervisor of engineering services at Ohio Edison. “We are working together to connect people cost effectively and quickly. “

A strong partnership between Medina Fiber and Ohio Edison removes barriers to construction, and the two companies look forward to seeing many more businesses and residents go online in the months to come.

Medina Fiber is a locally operated Internet service provider powered by Lit Communities. Medina Fiber is building a network to bring fiber optic internet to 45,000 residents and businesses in Medina County. Fiber optic broadband will provide fast and reliable internet access for online education, remote working, streaming, telehealth services, etc. To request updates, sign up for the service, or learn more, visit

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