Pakistan and China wage proxy war to destabilize Jammu-Kashmir (General Bipin Rawat)

Amid a spate of killings of civilians in Jammu and Kashmir, Defense Chief of Staff Gen. Bipin Rawat said on Saturday that China and Pakistan were waging a proxy war against India to disrupt the peace in the valley.

“The security forces remain vigilant and take effective measures to ensure that this kind of activity is no longer allowed and that we can build and strengthen confidence among the population. Whenever the situation is good and there is peace, they will create a situation such as fear among the population, ”General Bipin Rawat said at a press conference in Guwahati, Assam. .

General Rawat noted that Union Interior Minister Amit Shah’s visit to Jammu and Kashmir would give people confidence that state security forces will not allow perpetrators to roam freely and will bring the situation under control. The intelligence network has also been strengthened in the Valley.

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“There should be no reason to be afraid and I think you shouldn’t allow the exodus from the valley at all,” CDS said.

Terrorism sponsored by the Pakistani state as well as by non-state actors is a stumbling block in the peace process between New Delhi and Islamabad, he said.

“China’s partnership with Pakistan and its stance on Jammu and Kashmir can be described as an anti-India link,” he added.


General Bipin Rawat also stressed the need to counter Beijing’s growing influence over neighboring countries, which can only be achieved by stretching them out ourselves.

“China has a habit of using monetary power and economics to gain popularity in countries. We must move forward with the Prime Minister’s SAGAR mission (Security and Growth for all in the Region). We have to make sure and tell our neighbors that we are here as a permanent friend, we are here on an equal footing, we have to regard all the neighbors as equal partners in the development of the region, ”said General Bipin Rawat.

Regarding the situation at the LAC and the tensions with China, he said India stands firmly at the border and is armed and ready for any provocation.

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“We have an adequate and efficient weapons system. The government has allowed us to buy everything we need to defend our country by invoking emergency passes, which allow the service to procure everything we need at our level, ”the general said. Bipin Rawat.

Warning of the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, the Defense Chief of Staff said there would likely be an outburst of terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir, against which the armed forces must protect themselves and control through increased surveillance.

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