Nuvera Communications: Fiber Network Expands With Recent Partnership Expansion

Nuvera customers will benefit from the expansion allowing a significant increase in the number of “on-the-grid” connections to more commercial customer locations.

NEW ULM, MN, September 15, 2021 – Nuvera recently expanded one of its partnerships which provides fiber optic connectivity for multi-site commercial customer locations, wireless towers and Nuvera connectivity to major Internet connection points – commonly referred to as “failback” services. ”Or“ transport ”.

Fiber optic transportation providers Broadband Visions (BBV) and Southern Minnesota Broadband (SMB) have partnered with Cooperative Network Solutions (CNS) to create one of Minnesota’s largest fiber optic transportation networks, Fiber Minnesota. All three were entities formed by member companies of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to serve the diverse needs of their businesses, including video aggregation, Internet transport, and intermediary facilities. Nuvera is a majority shareholder of BBV, and Nuvera CEO and Chairman, Glenn Zerbe, is currently Chairman of the Board of BBV.

For years, Nuvera has partnered with neighboring rural broadband service providers by connecting their small fiber networks to create larger networks to more easily provide fiber link connections between multi-site commercial customers, as well. as wireless towers. These combined networks allow for more streamlined sales and management processes for these multi-site commercial and wireless customers since the locations served are in multiple service areas.

suppliers. This recent expansion takes these partnerships to the next level by creating a significantly larger network by combining several regional networks into a statewide network that spans many cities in Minnesota and spans ND, SD, IA. and WI.

Fiber Minnesota’s enhanced statewide network includes more than 3,900 miles of lines, connecting many rural areas of the state to larger metropolitan areas in Minnesota. It also provides access to urban areas in other states, as well as connectivity to neighboring statewide networks.

“The large ownership base is an advantage for Fiber Minnesota as it partners with its own shareholders for connectivity from its core system to an impressive last mile fiber network statewide,” Zerbe said. , which was instrumental in the formation of this organization. “Consumers and institutions, especially those in rural areas, will benefit from a higher degree of reliability for broadband and related services. These three networks complement each other and their combination eliminates redundancies and offers greater scale. ‘

This new unified network will be particularly important as new technologies such as 5G and advanced computing spread to rural areas. Due to the increased bandwidth requirements for these new services and the need for more network connection points in all parts of the state, it is imperative that larger, more unified networks exist. .

Combining the assets of these networks will enable MN’s rural and broadband telecommunications providers to deliver increasingly advanced services to consumers and operators, faster and more efficiently. Fiber Minnesota’s expanded footprint connects almost every corner of the state with several redundant roads, including rural areas often bypassed by other players. The integration of the three networks will be phased over the next 24 to 36 months.

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