News: Deputy Secretary General Attends GoTech 2021 Global Conference, 11-Nov-2021

Speaking at the GoTech 2021 Global Conference, NATO Assistant Secretary General Mircea Geoaña underscored the importance of cybersecurity at a time when new technologies are transforming the world at record speed. “Our ability to ensure the safety of our employees in this more competitive and uncertain world will be defined as much by bytes and big data as by bullets and battleships,” said the Deputy Secretary General at the opening of the stage. of cybersecurity on November 11.

Allies are committed to protecting each other in space and cyberspace, as effectively as we do on land, at sea and in the air”Added Mr. Geoaña. Last October, NATO Defense Ministers launched the NATO Innovation Fund to invest in cutting-edge technologies and created a North Atlantic Defense Innovation Accelerator, DIANA. The two “will ensure that we retain the essential interoperability that allows us to continue to work effectively together, also in the field of new technologies»Underlined the Deputy Secretary General.

NATO Defense Ministers also agreed on the Alliance’s first artificial intelligence strategy. “We want to set the standard for the safe and responsible use of data and AI. Unlike other actors who develop and deploy new technologies with little or no respect for human rights and international law, NATO also has a mission to set standards for responsible use.”Said the Deputy Secretary General.

Mr. Geoaña congratulated GoTech World on its tenth anniversary. “Over the past decade, you have brought together tens of thousands of experts, companies and prominent participants to support the digital transformation of our region in Central and Eastern Europe. GoTech World’s mission is totally in line with what we do here in NATO. Find common solutions to exploit the opportunities and mitigate the risks of new technologies”Said the Deputy Secretary General.

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