Mueller was considering charging Donald Trump Jr with computer crimes, new version of report claims

A recently released version of Robert Mueller’s report on his investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia reveals that he was considering recommending charges against Donald Trump’s eldest son related to hacked data obtained by Wikileaks.

The Justice Department released a new, less redacted version of the 2019 investigation findings over the weekend after BuzzFeed News filed a FOIA request for some of the redacted information. Among the new public parts are revelations that Donald Trump Jr tried to access a website exposing his family’s alleged ties to Russia via a password stolen by hackers and released by Wikileaks.

Donald Trump Jr has apparently moved closer to an indictment: the report said that while Mr Mueller’s team believed they could prove every element of a crime had occurred, it would be difficult to obtain a condemnation given that the password had been made public by Wikileaks.

“In this case, Trump Jr. accessed the website shortly before it was made public using a ‘guessed’ password which, although sent to him individually, had also been released by WikiLeaks on his public Twitter account, so anyone following WikiLeaks could have gotten the same insight into the website as Trump Jr.,” it read.

“Given that Trump Jr. did not himself initiate the plan to access the website or guess the password, the lack of evidence that his actions caused damage to the website or obtained information valuable, the technical nature of the violation, and the minimum penalty that a misdemeanor conviction could be expected to carry in these circumstances, the Bureau decided not to pursue prosecution,” Mr. Mueller.

Wikileaks, the site founded by Julian Assange, became host to information stolen from the Democratic National Committee and other sources, allegedly by agents working for Russia, during the 2016 election. Some of the documents contained information politically damaging views on the internal deliberations of Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC.

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News that his own son was set to be charged was ignored by the former president. Instead, he has spent the past few days claiming that court documents alleging that a lone tech executive exploited his company’s relationship with the White House to analyze alleged ties between the Trump Organization and a Russian bank proved that Hillary Clinton’s campaign was somehow involved in an attempt to spy on her office. There is no evidence that actually happened, other than a lawyer who represented the executive identified in the documents who once worked for Mrs. Clinton’s campaign.

The former president and his allies continued to hope for some kind of vindication against Hillary Clinton and her allies after the years-long investigation into his own campaign led by Mr. Mueller ended up being politically damaging and resulted in criminal charges against some of his allies. ; none of the charges were related to working for Russian agents.

On Monday, Mr Trump swept aside the House committee investigating the bloody assault on Congress last year and said they should rather investigate the unrelated charges than John Durham, the special counsel examining the FBI’s handling of the Trump investigation, had been brought to court on Monday.

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