Staff at the Caribbean Communications Network (CCN), which includes the Express newspaper, are mourning the murder of 55-year-old employee Tricia Badaloo.

Badaloo’s daughter Taylor Benson, 21, is being treated for injuries following an attack at their home on Neil Street in Sangre Grande on Monday by a man they both knew.

Badaloo was employed by CCN as a group purchasing associate and has been with the company since 2008.

Dawn Thomas, Managing Director of One Caribbean Media (OCM), to which CCN reports, yesterday described Badaloo’s death as tragic, noting that she was a “very valued and loyal team member” who was very proud of her work.

“His positive attitude and disposition, despite personal challenges, was admirable and inspiring to me. I pray for the recovery of his hospitalized daughter and hope that the perpetrator of this despicable act will be brought to justice. Our women deserve so much more and better from our society,” said Thomas.

This incident, together with the murder of a man in Moruga, brought the number of murders in 2022 to 255. The comparative for the same period last year was 175.

Badaloo a hero

According to police reports, at around 6:50 p.m. Monday, Badaloo and her daughter were at their home when a man they both knew came to speak to the young woman.

The conversation quickly heated up and the man allegedly took out a Chinese helicopter and chopped Badaloo and his daughter multiple times.

Neighbors who heard the commotion notified police and a team of East Division task force officers responded.

However, when they arrived, the suspect had fled.

Officers found the girl lying on the ground in front of the house while Badaloo was found inside on the floor of her home, police said.

An ambulance was called, but Badaloo could not be revived by staff.

She was pronounced dead at the scene by a district doctor.

Relatives told media at the family home yesterday that the girl is hospitalized in serious condition but was conscious.

“She hasn’t said much yet, but we know she is conscious and the doctors said she should be fine,” a source said.

Relatives described Badaloo as a hero, noting that it appeared she had been hurt trying to defend her daughter.

“If you look at the whole scene, from the state of the living room and the way things were thrown to the ground, it’s clear that Tricia tried to step in and defend her daughter.

“Like she saw Taylor get cut and tried to stop him and suffered injuries as a result. The whole house is almost like a battlefield, and you can see how that goes. happened, even until this girl ran outside for help,” relatives said.

They said the suspect in the incident is believed to be a man known to the girl who was recently released early after serving a prison sentence due to her “good behavior”.

“But the police, nobody told the family that he was out. After all, we told them how this man was calling (name called) on the phone while he was in jail and telling him things. He went to jail for the crimes he committed against her, and he pleaded guilty.

“So even after all that, no one could have told us he was out?” I feel like if they had, it wouldn’t have happened because the family would have taken precautions to make sure their paths never crossed,” relatives said.

Badaloo has been described as a hardworking and loving woman who dedicated her life to her daughter and son.

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