MintAir opens a new highway in the sky for AAM flight service

MintAir press release | October 6, 2022

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MintAir Co. LTD (“MintAir”), a Korean Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) service provider, has partnered with Wemap Co. (“Wemap”) and Seongnam City (“Seongnam”) to demonstrate a map 4D AAM, a core enabling technology for the development and operation of AAM flight routes. Using a commercial drone, the demonstration flight was conducted at the Housing Expo (Jutaekjeonsigwan) site in Seongnam on September 24, 2022

4D map of Seongnam. Image by MintAir

The AAM 4D map was constructed by voxelizing city buildings and airspace. The map provides an accurate flight corridor for UAV and AAM routes, allows emergency route re-routing, and prevents collusion with obstacles such as high-rise buildings. Additionally, the map provides real-time updates of airspace information that is essential for the safe operation of remotely piloted or autonomous flights.

“Our mission is to develop the safest advanced air mobility service on urban and regional roads and the demonstration of the 4D AAM mapping solution is an important step towards achieving this mission,” said Eugene Choi, CEO and Founder. from MintAir. “We have successfully demonstrated an enabling technology essential for the safe operation of AAM service on urban roads.”

MintAir and Wemap developed and demonstrated this mapping solution to prepare for the K-UAM Grand Challenge program organized by the Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. In May 2022, MintAir formed a consortium with Lotte Group and its subsidiaries – Lotte Rental, Lotte Engineering & Construction and Lotte Data Communication – and submitted a proposal to participate in the K-UAM Grand Challenge program.

This 4D AAM card will support passenger and cargo transportation through the proposed AAM hub in Seongnam, a satellite city of Seoul metropolis. This hub will have the ability to provide city and regional air service directly from a major metropolitan population center to anywhere in Korea, including even the most remote destinations such as Jejudo and Ulleungdo Islands.

This demonstration follows MintAir’s recent announcement to sign a letter of intent to add’s nine-passenger eSTOL aircraft to its fleet to provide regional air service in the Korean market. MintAir also announced the formation of strategic partnerships with Jaunt Air Mobility and with Skyworks Aeronautics, adding their electric rotorcraft to its eVTOL fleet to provide urban air service in Korea.

This press release was prepared and distributed by MintAir Co. LTD.

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