Mayfield Village police sent nearly 1,700 warning letters to I-271 speeders in December; the fines were sent from January 3

MAYFIELD, Ohio — In its first month of using a hand-held camera to detect speeding on I-271, Mayfield Village police sent nearly 1,700 warning letters to offending motorists.

The MVPD began using the camera during morning and afternoon rush hours on the I-271 section of the village on December 1. Until the end of December, the department simply sent warning letters to violators and informed them that enforcement, to include fines for violators, would begin in January.

According to MVPD chief Paul Matias, 1,696 warning letters have been sent to those caught on camera traveling between 76 and 99 miles per hour on I-271, where the speed limit is 60 mph.

The fine for those traveling 19mph or less over the speed limit is $150, although police, to date, have only fined those driving 76mph and above. Those who drive 20-29 mph over the limit (or 80-89 mph) are fined $200. Those who exceed the speed limit by at least 30 mph, or who drive 90 mph and more, are subject to a $300 fine.

“All photo enforcement is done Monday through Friday during morning and evening rush hours, and yes, officers are out every day,” Matias said in an email response to . Matias also recalled that only a hand-held camera is used, as opposed to stationary cameras parked along the highway.

Matias said the MVPD started issuing fines from January 3 and did not yet have enough data to assess the impact of the program.

“The Photos app is a complement, not a replacement, to our traditional traffic app,” Matias said. “During the month of December, our officers conducted dozens of traditional traffic stops (without using the camera) and issued citations on I-271. This included 32 citations for vehicles traveling over 90 miles per hour. The highest speed was 114 miles per hour.

On Tuesday, the Gates Mills Village Council approved the use of fixed cameras along its portion of Mayfield Road (US 322). Like Mayfield Village, Gates Mills contracted with the Gatso company for the use of the camera and to notify police of speeders captured by the cameras.

Gates Mills, which expects its cameras to work in May, will also conduct a 30-day period during which warning letters will be sent to violators. At Gates Mills, fines are set at $100 for those driving 10-19mph over the speed limit, $200 for those driving 20-29mph over the limit and 300 $ for motorists traveling 30 mph and above over the limit.

Matias and Gates Mills Police Chief Gregg Minichello said the cameras will make conditions safer for officers and drivers as officers won’t have to be involved in chases and, in the case of Gates Mills, will not have to park on the side. of Mayfield Road near passing cars.

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