Martinsville Fiber Optic Broadband Suffers Total System Failure | Local News

Towarnicki said that several years ago, during MiNet’s expansion, the city added a back-up circuit that was supposed to activate in the event of a main line failure.

“When the outage occurred, the back-up circuit did not start as expected and it was later determined that the back-up circuit was tied to the main line which left the town’s Minet system without a phone or service. Internet.”

Because the back-up line did not provide service independent of the main line, the back-up line was effectively useless, but no one knew until the outage occurred.

“While a guarantee of no utility outage of any type can ever be made, the corrective work that will occur in the next few days when the redundant / back-up circuit problem is resolved will result in the likelihood that this type of failure does not happen again, “Towarnicki wrote.

Some of Minet’s business customers have had no choice but to close their doors because of the blackout.

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The downstairs cafe closed due to the blackout.


“We had planned to open today, but unfortunately we will have to close due to a widespread internet blackout in the city,” The Ground Floor, a specialty cafe in the upscale East Church Street district, posted Monday, on his Facebook page. “We have several systems that cannot function properly without the Internet.”

Cougar legs

Cougar Paws on Spruce advised customers that they did not have phone service.


“Our supplier is suffering from an outage, we have no phone or internet,” wrote Cougar Paws, a specialist boot maker on Spruce Street.

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