LR, HHI and KSOE sign MoU to develop digital twin technology.

LR, Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering (KSOE) and Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) signed a Memorandum of Understanding at Gastech 2021, Dubai to develop digital twin technology to support the digitization of the maritime industry and the growing demand for large LNG carriers on a large scale.

From left to right: BY Yoo, KSOE VP for Energy System Research Institute, Andy McKeran, LR Maritime Performance Services Director and DJ Lee, HHI VP for Initial Design Office.

As part of the MoU, KSOE and HHI will further develop their Hyundai Intelligent Digital Twin Ship (HIDTS) for a Type B gas containment tank suitable for 174,000 CBM LNG carrier.

LR’s role is to perform audit, review, risk assessment, verification and validation activities to support KSOE and HHI in the successful development and implementation of the digital twin. LR’s ShipRight procedure for digital compliance will be applied at HIDTS, including the Digital Twin READY stages, certification of KSOE and HHI as developers of Digital Twin, and Digital Twin APPROVED, verification of HIDTS. LR will then apply the Digital Twin COMMISSIONED steps, which requires HIDTS risk-based resilience analysis, and Digital Twin LIVE, HIDTS validation.

LR’s approach will span the entire digital twin technology lifecycle, from the design phase to HIDTS operation and large-scale commercialization.

Luis Benito, Director of Innovation at Lloyd’s Register, said: “Driving the transformation of our industry begins with partnerships like this, aligned and focused on the goal of transitioning the maritime industry to the Digital Economy. We are proud to work with KSOE and HHI to create this future ”.

“Drawing on the technical expertise of each party involved, the MoU will accelerate the digital twin technology solutions needed to help the maritime industry digitize successfully and securely. By applying LR’s innovative ShipRight process for digital compliance, HHI, KSOE and their end user customers can be sure to deploy secure, reliable and efficient digital twins to drive business results, ”concluded Benito.

“With the maritime industry focused on safety and efficiency, it is important that we examine digitization such as digital twin technology, which not only helps shipowners and operators optimize operating costs, but also to improve safety. We are proud to be working with HHI and KSOE on the development of this digital sister ship for a 174,000 CBM LNG carrier design – a first for a large scale digital twin LNG carrier, ”added Sung-Gu Park, LR Northeast Asia Regional Director.

“The HIDTS solution creates a digital twin environment in cyberspace that is identical to the maritime environment where a vessel is operated and tests the performance of key LNG carrier equipment and facilities, such as the dual fuel engine, the system gas supply and power supply. and control systems. Stimulated by the development of this HIDTS virtual commissioning solution, we plan to launch the new digital vessel management solution that covers artificial intelligence technologies such as asset management, energy optimization and assessment of risks, ”said Byoung-Hoon Kwon, KSOE vice president.

“This is a significant step in the advancement of future digital vessels that surpasses existing technology. We believe that our own digital twin technology will contribute to the global decarbonisation effort as well as the achievement of autonomous ships. In addition, our cooperation with Lloyd’s Register will reduce the time and cost to provide this high-tech vessel to customers, ”said Mr. Dong Jin Lee as vice president of HHI.

This follows the LR Digital Twin READY in-principle approval awarded to KSOE for its HIDTS earlier this year.

This announcement is underpinned by LR’s digital strategy which aims to deliver tangible benefits to our customers and partners, helping them drive business results through the safe and appropriate adoption of new technologies. Our digital solutions enable clients to optimize the performance of their assets, employees and business, while opening up new growth opportunities. Our journey aligns with what matters most to customers, in accordance with the right technical solutions: we take a customer-driven approach.

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