KY 313 and KY 333 intersections receive safety upgrades | Local News

The intersection of KY 313 and 333 in Meade County will get some upgrades to make it safer.

Meade County Executive Judge Leslie Stith said the recent deaths at the intersection have sparked a conversation between the county and the state.

“I feel like it’s a dangerous intersection,” he said.

Stith said he raised his concerns with state highway officials. He also posted on Facebook saying he and Magistrate Billy Sipes had “many” conversations with the Kentucky Department of Transportation.

He said the intersection is too dark at night. He said he and the magistrates thought a warning light should be considered there.

“It would put some light on that intersection and maybe slow down traffic on the 313,” Stith said.

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet District 4 Coordinator Chris Jessie said the state will expand the stop sign on the left side of the intersection and refresh the treads leading to the stop.

“That’s all we are capable of doing at this point,” he said.

Jessie said they were also contacted last week by the Kentucky State Bureau of Highway Engineering and asked them to look at the intersection.

He said that a light or signal can only be placed at an intersection if the data supports it.

“They’re not something that we can arbitrarily go and (install),” he said. “Traffic lights are literally data driven. These are traffic flow management devices.

He said installing a signal based on anything other than data could lead to unintended adverse consequences.

State highways typically undergo traffic counts every two years, Jessie said. He said that with the growing industrial presence in the area, they are watching the numbers.

“Like Glendale, these are areas we are watching carefully as we move forward to see how traffic patterns develop,” he said.

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