JusTech’s proactive approach to tackle cyber breaches and improve access to justice for SMEs

Ritesh Kotak, Ayushi Dave, and Ryan Mosoff joined forces at the university’s Legal Innovation Hackathon in March to address a Canadian law issue and created jusTech to alleviate stress for small businesses while they are in the dealing with the impacts of the pandemic and educating them about privacy.

Dave says, “It can cost up to $ 15,000 for a small business or law firm to do what our workflow does, and a failure to report can cost up to $ 100,000. So we thought it was completely unfair, especially considering that small businesses were hit the most during COVID. “

“We are entering a new era of law where you can use technology to strengthen your practice, help people and reduce costs. So we try to innovate in this area, we join and share this experience with other lawyers. and legal professionals to improve access to justice and keep costs low, ”says Mosoff.

JusTech’s goal is to establish a “one-stop-shop” for privacy issues. Additionally, Kotak says they are working to create a referral network that connects individuals to lawyers, technical experts, or cybersecurity professionals depending on the situation.

Victims of ransomware or stolen data can connect with people who can potentially help recover data, remove ransomware, and a lawyer to review documents that were automatically generated.

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