Japan: India and Japan can be the two pillars of a secure region: PM Modi in the editorial | India News

TOKYO: India and Japan will help build an open, free and inclusive Indo-Pacific region, linked by safe seas, integrated by trade and investment, defined by respect for sovereignty and human rights. territorial integrity and anchored in international law, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in an op-ed published Monday in a major Japanese newspaper.
“As two democracies strategically located in the Indo-Pacific region, we can be important pillars of a stable and secure region. That is why our partnership extends to a wide range of areas,” he wrote in the editorial titled “India-Japan: A Partnership for Peace, Stability and Prosperity” in Yomiuri Shimbunhe.
“Our defense ties are growing rapidly, from exercises and information exchange to defense manufacturing. We are doing more in cyber, space and undersea areas,” the prime minister said.
“Besides security, together and with like-minded partners in the region and beyond, in institutions and arrangements like Quad, we promote initiatives for development, infrastructure, connectivity, sustainability, health , vaccines, capacity building and humanitarian disaster response in the Indo-Pacific region,” Modi said.
“Special. Strategic. Global. Each of these three words that describe the India-Japan partnership have a unique meaning, but they fall far short of the true potential of our ties,” Modi said.
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