Inmarsat ELEVATE Launched to Accelerate IoT Industry Growth, Access Evolution

As more companies recognize the impact of IoT technologies on their operations and the world, and the number of IoT satellite connections worldwide is expected to continue growing at a CAGR of 25%. [Source: Omdia] in the coming years, the need for a “one stop shop” for IoT solutions has never been greater.

To accelerate these IoT opportunities for businesses around the world, Inmarsat, the world leader in global and mobile satellite communications, announces ELEVATION Inmarsata new partner program offering three key pillars to support businesses across the IoT ecosystem and cement future industry growth.

  • The first pillar is a development program for IoT solution providers, system integrators, machine builders and OEMs looking to scale, who can leverage the benefits of Inmarsat ELERA satellite network and footprint.
  • The second pillar is a partner ecosystemenabling organizations to access each other’s knowledge and collaborate with other organizations in the satellite IoT industry.
  • The third pillar is a online marketplace to promote IoT solutions that work seamlessly anywhere in the world, regardless of distance, to ensure that every business can benefit.

Over the next five years, Inmarsat ELEVATE’s goal is to help partners achieve double-digit growth, as well as make Inmarsat ELEVATE the premier IoT marketplace for solutions that work anywhere in the world.

Mike Carter, President of Inmarsat Enterprise, said, “The satellite IoT market has been growing steadily for years – and now is the time to up the ante and launch its next stage of faster growth. Inmarsat ELEVATE will help our customers realize the promise of IoT everywhere, while enabling the wider satellite IoT ecosystem to make it a reality. The ELEVATE community will play an active role in solving the planet’s very big challenges, helping to build a more sustainable, efficient and secure global supply chain.

“Inmarsat’s ELERA network provides an essential backbone for IoT innovation, so our development partners can scale and grow their operations based on its reliability and seamless global connectivity. Our partner ecosystem will enable knowledge sharing and collaboration on an unprecedented scale, between parties of all sizes, across geographies and industries, while our online marketplace will drive IoT solutions for all business needs.

“Launching a program like Inmarsat ELEVATE is about using our expertise and technological strength for the benefit of our customers – and we believe this will have a huge impact on the organizations that need it most. We are excited to work with as many new partners as possible and see what we can accomplish together – as individual companies and as an innovative and groundbreaking industry.

Partners will benefit from Inmarsat’s global footprint, allowing them to take advantage of opportunities beyond their existing operating regions. Inmarsat will also support the development of customized growth plans for each partner and help companies understand global regulations and market access.

ELEVATE partners will be able to capitalize on these new business opportunities and scale faster than ever with Inmarsat’s ELERA network, the world’s most reliable satellite network for IoT and secure narrowband connectivity. ELERA offers more global spectrum than any L-band provider, with Inmarsat recently launched I-6 F1 satellite (and Launch of the I-6 F2 in the first quarter of 2023) by making the best use of the available spectrum and offering 50% more capacity per beam.

In addition, dedicated technical teams will be on hand to help new partners test, integrate and optimize their satellite connectivity investments to ensure their success. For those struggling to access the capital they need to support this growth, the ecosystem will also provide new opportunities for small businesses to access funding through its financial community, furthering the growth of the sector.

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