Here’s how to increase your computer literacy

World Computer Literacy Day is celebrated on December 2 each year to raise awareness about the role of computers in our lives and enhance digital literacy in all communities across the globe. Computers are at the wheel, driving the global wagon to development, and people are supposed to keep up with the increasing pace that this wagon maintains.

To get there, it’s critical that people realize the importance of IT literacy and analyze it to see if it needs an upgrade. Computer literacy, or digital literacy, is the knowledge and expertise needed to perform various tasks, complex or simple, on computers.

Computer literacy is more important than ever in today’s era where data is considered as precious as oil, and the machines handling this precious asset, i.e. computers, are almost ubiquitous.

So, how do you go about boosting your computer skills? Here are some things you can adopt:

Practice is the key

The only hard and fast rule of thumb to be good at anything is practice. Doing a task repeatedly not only helps you contemplate the factors associated with the task you have to work on, but also, simultaneously, brings you closer to the skill. Therefore, practicing tasks on computers will introduce you to various aspects of the machine and familiarize you with them.

Increase your mental appetite

Curiosity is the fodder of intelligence. Therefore, being curious about something that has taken care of all the mundane, everyday tasks is one of the first steps towards improving your computer literacy. Discover questions, find answers, and improve your understanding of how computers work.

Use social media to your advantage

Social media is no longer a platform for socializing with people around the world. It’s now a platform that can promote things like commerce and education. The space is packed with people, which makes using a computer extremely easy.

There are many tutorials, tips and tricks shared by people all over the world for people who are just in their infancy learning about computers. Learn from these sources and remove all obstacles in your path to become a computer enthusiast.

Go the smart way, not the hard way

If you want to improve your computer skills, you don’t have to register for a full course. Learning has become very accessible. Find free courses, tutorials, and sessions that teach you how to perform various tasks on a computer. In addition, it is highly advisable to focus on shortcuts and tips to complete a task.

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