Haryana Police to observe ‘Cyber ​​Security Month’ in October

In a bid to raise awareness among residents about cybercrime, the Haryana Police have decided to celebrate this month of October as ‘Cyber ​​Security Month’.

As instructed by the Union Home Office, awareness campaigns focusing on topics such as multi-factor authentication, strong passwords, software updates, identifying online fraudsters, financial fraud prevention and safe use of social media have been prepared, a Haryana Police spokesperson. said.

He said that since last October, the first Wednesday of every month has been celebrated as Cyber ​​Security Awareness Day. The main goal of this year’s theme “See Yourself in Cyber” is to make people feel safe and confident in cyberspace. This time, additional efforts will be made to involve the most important sections of society, women and children, among others, he said.

“We are now receiving over 1,000 calls a day on the 1930 National Cyber ​​Helpline, allowing immediate action to be taken. The growing number of calls is a testament to awareness initiatives by Haryana Police over the last few months,” he said. ”The reporting of crimes is the greatest contribution to the prevention of any crime and it is also the sign of a conscious society. This is the result of the tireless efforts of the Haryana Police, who have so far saved about Rs 15 crore from cyber thugs,” he added.

The spokesperson said the outreach program every Wednesday in October will cover different issues. He said a framework was also sent to the districts by the state’s nodal agency – State Crime Branch – for its effective implementation. “For example, in the first week of October, it was decided to focus on strong passwords and multi-factor authentication in which the use of better passwords and multi-factor authentication for social media accounts in addition to bank accounts will be demonstrated. ,” he said.

Live demonstration training programs will be held and awareness raising on creating creative and strong passwords, adopting double security systems and using facial recognition or user fingerprints will be encouraged. A “Cybercrime Race” is scheduled for 31 October on the occasion of National Unity Day and preparations to accommodate large numbers of people have already been made.

“Haryana Police will do their best to spread cyber awareness to all corners of the state through various efforts, all preparations have been completed at the state level,” he said .

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