GMV wins Lisbon tramway ITS contract

GMV will supply the on-board ITS systems for 15 Urbos 3 trams that will run in Lisbon.

The first of these trams, which can travel on certain sections without the need for overhead cables or overhead wires, will be in service in the Portuguese capital in 2023.

Mobility systems specialist Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles (Caf) is leading the project, for which GMV will supply the passenger information, public address and intercom systems as well as the on-board Ethernet communication network.

GMV will provide Caf with a version of its Info-Pass system, an integrated digital information solution combining text, video and audio.

It provides text on LED screens throughout the train, with video on monitors placed in each car and audio on the unit’s public address system.

Highlights include incoming station detection and related content management through different channels. Programmable content can be automatically downloaded from a remote server, in addition to real-time messaging from the control center.

These GMV systems will be integrated with the train’s monitoring and control system to receive the necessary information and report status and alarms.

GMV’s customers in public transport include Renfe, ONCF (the national operator of Moroccan railways), Barcelona Metro and Santiago de Chile Metro, as well as manufacturers such as Alstom, Caf, Pesa and Talgo.

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