Global LTE and 5G Applications and Services Market 2021-2026 | Key areas of 5G for business solution will be IoT connectivity, SMB / enterprise mobility and fixed wireless –

DUBLIN – (COMMERCIAL THREAD)–The “LTE and 5G Applications and Services Market by Service Provider Type, Connection Type, Deployment Type, Use Case, 5G Service Category, Compute as a Service, Verticals, Region and Country 2021-2026” the report was added to offer.

This 5G Applications Market report is the most comprehensive research available on the LTE and 5G applications and services market. The report assesses cellular broadband applications and services, including revenue and usage (subscribers / users) by LTE, LTE Advanced, LTE Advanced Pro, and 5G. The report also assesses the market for LTE and 5G applications in private wireless networks as well as market opportunities for mobile edge computing (MEC) in public and private networks including the computing market as that service.

Select report results

  • Mobile Edge Computing will be the key to implementing private wireless

  • MEC will also be important for consumer applications, but less of a priority

  • 5GNR Private Wireless in Industrial Automation Market to Reach $ 5.1 Billion by 2026

  • 5G Applications Market for Business and Industry Segments to Exceed $ 42.2 Billion Globally by 2026

  • Global revenue of LTE mobility applications and services for enterprises and SMEs to reach $ 6.7 billion by 2026

  • The key areas of the 5G solution for enterprises will be IoT connectivity, SME / enterprise mobility and fixed wireless

5G will drive fundamental structural economic changes, such as significantly lower broadband pricing overall, as well as much greater flexibility for business, industry and government market segments to connect. to public and private networks. The future use cases of the 5G application market are many and varied in terms of type, industry vertical orientation and requirements. As a result, each scenario will have its own network configuration of requirements and settings.

Key topics covered

1. Summary

2 Presentation

2.1 Research objectives

2.2 Conclusions of the report

2.3 Target audience

2.4 Companies in the report

3 Overview of LTE and 5G technology and capabilities

3.1 Evolution of LTE networks towards 5G

3.1.1 Advanced LTE

3.1.2 Peer-to-peer communications: LTE Direct

3.1.3 LTE Advanced Pro

3.1.4 Fifth generation networks

3.2 New 5G radios and 5G support and related technologies

3.2.1 Massive MIMO

3.2.2 Cognitive radio capabilities

3.2.3 Self-organized networks

3.2.4 Visible light communications: an alternative to radio frequency

3.2.5 Millimeter-wave radio frequency

3.2.6 M2M communications in IoT and the role of 5G

3.2.7 C-RAN architecture

3.2.8 Role and importance of heterogeneous networks in LTE and 5G

3.2.9 H-CRAN solution

3.2.10 Large-scale cooperative spatial signal processing

3.2.11 SDN and NFV technology for the 4G LTE and 5G ecosystem

3.2.12 Software Defined Radio Considerations

3.2.13 Other considerations: spectrum issues and satellite solutions

3.3 Backhaul 5G Any-Haul / X-Haul: Front Haul and Backhaul

3.4 5G fixed wireless access

3.5 LTE and 5G Application and Service Landscape

3.5.1 Evolution of the Long Term Evolution (LTE) standard for 4G

3.5.2 5G capabilities to support applications, services and solutions

3.5.3 Basic 5G service functionality / functionality: Voice over 5G (Vo5G)

3.6 5G Commercial Service Testing

3.7 Market drivers for 5G-based applications and services

3.7.1 Ultra-low latency connectivity

3.7.2 Massive growth in connected IoT devices and data traffic

3.7.3 Critical communications and public safety applications

3.7.4 LTE and 5G in Smart City initiatives

3.7.5 LTE and 5G in private wireless networks

3.7.6 Transition to Cloud, Virtualized Platforms and Edge Computing

3.8 LTE and 5G market constraints

3.8.1 Expensive network service deployment

3.8.2 Vertical Business Models

3.8.3 Global spectrum challenges

3.8.4 Technical ambiguity in air interface waveform technologies

4 LTE and 5G technology and business dynamics

4.1 LTE and 5G devices

4.1.1 Smartphones

4.1.2 Portable devices

4.1.3 Modem

4.1.4 IoT / M2M modules

4.1.5 LTE and 5G user equipment

4.2 LTE and 5G service value chain

4.2.1 EU and equipment manufacturers

4.2.2 Providers of connectivity solutions

4.2.3 IoT Application and OTT Solution Provider

4.2.4 Providers of mobility and analytics solutions

4.2.5 Company, government and industrial facility

4.3 Mobile network operators vs. OTT application providers

4.3.1 MNO strategies

4.3.2 Applications based on OTT in 5G

4.4 Data revenues versus revenues from other services

4.5 Average data consumption: video vs. apps

4.6 Network breakdown and MEC role in the quality of the service experience

4.7 Private wireless network: licensed spectrum vs unlicensed spectrum

4.7.1 LTE-U: CBRS and MulteFire

4.7.2 5G NR private access networks

4.8 5G coverage vs WiFi in the building

4.9 Machine learning to improve analysis and decision making

4.10 AI-powered data analysis to facilitate data as a service

4.11 Network security and data protection

4.12 5G and Edge Computing

4.12.1 Mobile Edge Computing to support 5G

4.12.2 Operator-owned / controlled CEMs: the role of the mobile network operator

4.12.3 Operator’s mobile edge IT strategies IT as a Service (CaaS) Data activated by Carrier CaaS as a service Carrier MEC deployment strategies

4.13 5G techniques for URLLC and reliability-sensitive applications

4.14 Critical communication, analysis and smart city initiatives

4.14.1 Challenges of critical applications

4.14.2 Private IoT Network and Critical Applications

4.15 Aggregation of carriers

4.16 Analysis of 3GPP versions

4.17 Vertical sectors of 5G IoT applications

4.17.1 Retail and Consumer Electronics Applications

4.17.2 Healthcare applications

4.17.3 Industrial automation applications

4.17.4 Intelligent building automation applications

4.17.5 Automotive and transportation applications

4.17.6 Home automation applications

4.17.7 Requests from financial institutions

4.17.8 Power and utility applications

4.17.9 Public safety applications

4.17.10 Military applications

4.17.11 Oil and gas applications

4.17.12 Mining applications

4.17.13 Agricultural applications

4.18 5G IoT trials and demonstrations

5. Business analysis

5.1 AT&T

5.2 Airtel

5.3 Group BT (EE)

5.4 China Mobile

5.5 China Telecom

5.6 Deutsche Telekom AG

5.7 DU

5.8 Company KT

5.9 NTT DoCoMo

5.10 STC – Saudi Arabian Telecommunications Company

5.11 SK Telecom

5.12 Sprint Company

5.13 Telstra

5.14 Verizon

5.15 Vodafone Group

5.16 Telenor

5.17 T-Mobile United States

5.18 Rogers Communications

5.19 America Movil

5.20 Entel

5.21 Movistar

5.22 China Unicom

5.23 Ooredoo

5.24 Zain

5.25 Swisscom

5.26 Spark New Zealand

5.27 Telecom Italy

5.28 Orange SA

5.29 KDDI Company

5.30 LG Uplus

5.31 Softbank Group

5.32 SingTel

5.33 Telefonica

5.34 Apple

5.35 Facebook

5.36 Google

5.37 Microsoft

5.38 Rakuten

5.39 Snap inc.

5.40 Spotify AB

5.41 Tencent

5.42 Amazon

5.43 WeChat

5.44 Skype

5.45 Telegram

5.46 Ribbon communications

5.47 REVE systems

5.48 Hulu

5.49 Netflix

5.50 Flat

5.51 Go Sky

5.52 Roku

5.53 Sony

5.54 Fubo TV

5.55 Philo TV

5.56 ClipBucket

5.57 Muvi

5.58 Contus Vplay

5.59 Quick play

5.60 Vplay

5.61 Ooyala

5.62 Vidmind

5.63 Mobiotics

5.64 Nokia network

5.65 Samsung Electronics

5.66 Cisco Systems

5.67 LG Electronics

5.68 Huawei Technologies

5.69 Ericsson

5.70 Qualcomm

5.71 Intel Corporation

5.72 NEC Corporation

5.73 ZTE Corporation

5.74 Ciena Company

5.75 Cavium inc.

5.76 Qorvo Inc.

5.77 Fujitsu Ltd.

5.78 Broadcom Corporation

5.79 HPE

5.80 VMware Inc.

5.81 MediaTek Inc.

5.82 Juniper Network Inc.

5.83 Analog Devices Inc.

5.84 MACOM technology

5.85 Motorola

5.86 Ascom

5.87 Harris

5.88 Hytera

5.89 Cobham Wireless

5.90 Leonardo

5.91 Mentura Group

5.92 Inmarsat

5.93 Zenitel

HTC 5.94

5.95 wingspan

5.96 Alvarion

5.97 Sierra wireless

5.98 Coolpad Dyno

5.99 Mobvoi

5.100 Fitbit

5.101 Unsuitable

5.102 Asus

5.103 Netgear

5.104 Zyxel

5.105 Alibaba

5.106 Link D

5.107 UbiFi

5.108 Altair semiconductor

5.109 SimNet wireless

5.110 Siretta

5.111 Docking station

5.112 Telecommunications

5.113 Gemalto

5.114 Casse-Net

5.115 Texim Europe

5.116 M2M connectivity

5.117 Eurotech

5.118 RedLinX


5.120 Foal

6.LTE and 5G Applications Market Analysis and Forecast

6.1 Global LTE and 5G Applications and Services Market 2021-2026

6.2 Global LTE, LTE Advanced and LTE Advanced Pro Market 2021-2026

6.3 2021-2026 Global LTE Applications and Service

6.4 Global Advanced LTE Applications and Services Market 2021-2026

6.5 LTE Advanced Pro Applications and Services Market 2021-2026

6.6 5G Applications and Services Market 2021-2026

6.7 New 5G Radio Market 2021-2026

6.8 2021-2026 LTE and 5G Applications and Services Submarket

6.9 Regional LTE and 5G Applications Market 2021-2026

6.10 Global LTE and 5G Users 2021-2026

6.11 Global LTE subscriptions 2021-2026

6.12 Global LTE Advanced Users 2021-2026

6.13 Global LTE Advanced Pro Users 2021-2026

6.14 Global 5G subscriptions 2021-2026

6.15 Global New 5G Radio Users 2021-2026

6.16 LTE and 5G regional subscription and usage 2021-2026

7. Conclusions and recommendations

7.1 Advertisers and media companies

7.2 Artificial intelligence providers

7.3 Automotive companies

7.4 Broadband infrastructure providers

7.5 Communication service providers

7.6 IT and data center companies

7.7 Data analysis providers

7.8 Immersive technology providers (AR, VR and MR)

7.9 Network equipment suppliers

7.10 Network security providers

7.11 Semiconductor companies

7.12 IoT suppliers and service providers

7.13 Software vendors

7.14 Smart City system integrators

7.15 Automation system suppliers

7.16 Social media companies

7.17 OTT service providers

7.18 Business, industrial and government users

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