Five Ways to Lower Your Broadband Bills

BROADBAND service can be expensive and depending on what you need can be a significant monthly expense.

In the age of remote learning and working, wifi is a necessity for many households.


Check your internet bill to see if there are any hidden charges you weren’t aware of

It is essential that you do your research to make sure that what you pay is the best bet.

According to, Internet prices in the United States can range from $ 20 per month to over $ 100 per month.

You might be paying more or less, but there are many factors that contribute to the price.

Location, competition, and internet speed are some of the variables that can drive costs.

Here are some tips to help you lower your broadband bill.

Check your bill

It’s a good idea to check your internet bill over the past few months.

Understand how much you are paying each month for internet speed.

Check if there are any hidden charges that you weren’t aware of.

This will come in handy when you want to negotiate with your supplier.

Consolidate your services

If you can bundle your internet connection with other services that you pay for, you may be able to save money.

For example, if you combine your Internet, cellphone, and cable TV plans, multiple times a provider will give you a discount.

It works if you use whatever you pay for.

Now may be the time to cut the cord if your household uses streaming services.

Reduce your speed

One speed is not for all families.

It is important to know how much you are paying for high speed internet.

Shifting to a lower speed could reduce your monthly bill by around $ 20 or more depending on your carrier.

It’s good to figure out how many devices will be using the internet and what they’re using it for, whether it’s email, gaming, or streaming.

Then decide on the best speed.

Compare the prices

Internet providers are always looking for your business. Many offer introductory promotions.

Be careful that the prices do not increase significantly after that, eliminating the preliminary savings.

Plus, when shopping it’s a good idea to be prepared with the services and speed that you need.

Before signing up, make sure you know your monthly costs when you switch to a new provider.

Compare what you pay now to what you pay next month, six months, and a year.

Emergency broadband service

The Emergency Broadband Benefit program was created to help households struggling to afford Internet service during the pandemic.

The program offers a discount of up to $ 50 per month on broadband services for qualifying households and up to $ 75 per month for households on qualifying tribal lands.

This benefit is limited to a monthly service discount and device discount per household.

When President Biden signed the $ 1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, it included a provision for the Affordable Connectivity Program.

This is a long-term, $ 14 billion program intended to replace the broadband emergency benefits program.

Households enrolled in the emergency broadband allowance on December 31, 2021 will continue to receive the current monthly allowance during the 60-day transition period.

We break down what the infrastructure bill means to Americans.

Plus, how to get help this holiday season.

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