Elon Musk’s Starlink Company Starts Operations in Mexico

Elon Musk’s satellite internet provider company Starlink has officially started operations in Mexico, according to the advertisement sent by the company via email, in which it invites its subscribers to book the service, which will be available. in some parts of the country. Later this year.

According to the company, during the first few months, it expects the data transfer speed to be around 100 to 200MB per second; however, he warned that as more satellites are put into orbit and more antennas and repeaters are deployed, service will improve.

According to Starlink details, thanks to the low-earth orbit satellites it uses, its signal will allow residents of remote areas, which lack connectivity or where it is unreliable, to make video calls, play online or chat. broadcast live, among other activities of “this has not been possible historically with satellite Internet.

The estimated cost of the service varies depending on the geographic location of the requester, although it has an average price close to $ 100 per month, plus a one-time payment of around $ 550 for the antenna and set-top box, which , added to the nearly $ 70 of management, make it one of the most expensive satellite internet options available in the Latin American country, according to Mexican media.

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