Covid-19 Coronavirus Delta Outbreak: The Telecommunications Industry’s Message to Homeowners and Security Guards


There are now 21 new cases of Covid-19 in the community, bringing the total number of people infected during the epidemic to 72. One million New Zealanders are now fully vaccinated.

In an era of record internet use, a number of telephony and broadband issues go unresolved as technicians are banned from home or office by well-meaning homeowners or security guards, Paul said. Brislen, Managing Director of the Telecommunications Carriers Forum.

In fact, telecommunications engineers are classified as essential workers, Brislen points out (see MBIE’s full list of essential worker categories here).

New Zealanders rely on telecommunications more than ever, whether for keeping up to date with the latest advisories or for work, education or entertainment. Telecommunications are an essential service and we want to keep it running smoothly, even though demand is breaking new records every day.

“Currently, we only send technicians for essential service work. This is not to install new equipment but to keep what is already deployed operational, so we ask that the technicians needed on site be dealt with. like the essential workers they are, “says Brislen, whose group represents telecom operators including Chorus, Spark, Vodafone, Vocus and 2degrees.

“Our technicians will be fully equipped with PPE [Personal Protective Equipment] in accordance with official health guidelines for level 4, in order to minimize the risks to themselves and to others, ”adds Brislen.

Broadband record beaten, once again

Meanwhile, broadband records continue to drop, with a new peak usage record on Chorus’ network over the weekend.

Last Wednesday saw a (then) new record peak throughput of 3.6 terabits per second (Tbps), a 27% increase from Monday night traffic and a new all-time high for the service provider‘s network to broadband. bandaged.

Friday saw 3.7 tbps.

Then on Saturday, the record was broken again as traffic peaked at 3.8 tbps.

Telecom operators are also reporting a continued increase as stranded workers turn to Zoom and other cloud apps to stay in touch.

2degrees said on Friday that its fixed data volume was operating 100% above pre-lockout levels.

Mobile voice minutes continue to increase by a third of pre-lockout levels, 2degrees said.

While the current explosion would have blown rivets by the time of the 2019 Rugby World Cup, when Chorus’ network had a 3.5 tbps cap, ongoing upgrades have since seen maximum peak capacity. raised to 4.5 tbps.

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