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Chief Staff Sgt. of the air force Joanne S. Bass announced the release of the new purple bookwhile illuminating the people, preparation and culture at Association of Air and Space Forces‘s Air, Space and Cyber ​​Conference on September 20.

Bass, who represents the highest level of enlisted leadership, was proud to introduce the “Joint Team,” commonly referred to as the Purple Book, which aims to help Airmen become better like-minded service members. She also recapped the vast accomplishments over the past year, highlighting the special efforts of the Airmen who supported Operation Allies Refuge and Operation Allies Welcome.

Airmen from Personnel Recovery Task Force, Special Tactics and other major commands teamed up to help evacuate Afghans, provide 1.5 million meals and 1.2 million bottles of water and administered 33 000 vaccines, built 552 tents and delivered 38 newborns.

“When I think of ‘One Team, One Fight,’ I think of Airmen across the Air Force,” she said. “Each major command has come together to produce effects greater than themselves and their respective parts. It’s interoperability and it’s built in by design.

Noting recent accomplishments and ongoing work, Bass highlighted leadership development, the release of the first Enlisted Force Development Action Plan, updated Enlisted Force Structure and Profession of Arms: Our Values fundamentals, more commonly known among aviators as the “Brown” and “Blue” books.

Bass also mentioned professional military training updates, with some updates beginning this fall. Upcoming changes include:

– Improvements to the MyEval evaluation system.
– A transition from bullet point writing to a narrative structure, starting in October.
– WAPS digital promotion tests.
– Changes to Assignment Priority Codes for Military Training Instructors, Military Training Leaders, and Recruiters.
– Removed station time requirements for expedited transfers and included acquitted airmen in expedited transfers.
– Better alignment of posting report dates so that Airmen do not have to report to a new duty station within 120 days of returning from deployment.
– A new Assignment Swap Policy, citing more details to come.

“How we develop and retain our flier is paramount to winning the future fight,” she said. “Our strategic competitors are deterred by a strong NCO corps and even more so when we unite with our allies and partners. This is our strategic competitive advantage!

Bass highlighted the threats of information warfare to the American way of life and mentioned that the wars of the future will not look like the wars of the past. Note that everyone has a responsibility in the fight by remaining ready, alert and aware of the tactics of our opponents.

“When it comes to the realm of information, we can no longer be passive observers,” she said. “It’s a battlespace, and our adversaries are weaponizing information with speed, scale, and reach. They are able to take advantage of social media, digital media, and the environment of the information to direct the impact of our Air Force people, readiness and culture.

She specifically cited China and Russia, and how the disinformation model — which has remained relatively unchanged for nearly a century — continues to work. Meanwhile, China has kept a watchful eye and learned. She pointed out that the need for digital and social media literacy has never been greater. Airmen now need to be critical thinkers, but she has no doubt that today’s Airmen are up for the challenge.

“As your fellow Airman, what encourages me is that no matter what challenges may come our way, they can never compete with you,” she said. “In fact, the deadliest and most advanced weapon systems we have would just be a static display if it weren’t for you.”

Bass discussed the level of education among the enlisted force and noted this year alone, nearly 1,000 enlisted Airmen joined with a degree; making over 33,000 enlisted Airmen in possession of a bachelor’s degree and over 6,000 in possession of a postgraduate degree. Sixty-eight have a doctorate. – including three 1st class airmen.

She recognized the Airmen of the Puerto Rico Air National Guardwho are currently mobilized in response to Hurricane Fiona.

“I don’t know when the next conflict will break out or when the next humanitarian disaster might occur, but I know that whenever our nation calls, Airmen will respond,” she said. “It is thanks to you that Americans sleep well at night and will continue to do so for generations to come.”

To download the new purple book, click here.

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