Clubhouse could work on ‘Waves’, a new feature for inviting friends to chat, Telecom News, ET Telecom

Washington: Clubhouse, which was one of the fastest growing social media platforms in 2021, appears to be working on a new way to invite people to audio rooms in its app.

According to The Verge, based on screenshots shared by researcher Jane Manchum Wong, the new invite feature, called “Waves,” will focus on the more laid back and social side of Clubhouse, rather than live shows. direct focused on the creators who got the attention.

The screenshot suggests that “Waves” will allow you to wave to your friends with a button identical to the Clubhouse logo’s hand, used to invite friends to chat. If they respond, they are automatically added to an audio room for you to speak.

While there hasn’t been any official statement from the company regarding the feature, it seems likely that the feature is aimed at Clubhouse social rooms, one of the many types of audio rooms that Clubhouse offers.

In July, Clubhouse finally got rid of its waiting list and in the meantime adopted new features such as spatial audio support.

Recall this to the current obsession with the “designer economy” or early business strategy, but Clubhouse seemed more focused on professional uses of its app, for example launching a pilot program for new shows. , that its use as another means. to go out online, according to The Verge.

It’s also sparked competition everywhere, from Twitter spaces to stage channels on Discord, but Waves seems like a good step backwards into the occasional use of drop-in / drop-out live audio.

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