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In 2020, the FBI reported nearly 800,000 cybercrime complaints, a 69% increase from the previous year. We live in a digitally driven society, which means that much of our valuable data and information is at risk of cyber attack.

Even the most tech-savvy can fall victim to cybercriminals. The three most common forms of cybercrime are:

  • Phishingoccurs when a cybercriminal impersonates someone else to trick people into sharing their information (Phishing.org).
  • Ransomwareis a type of software or virus that cybercriminals use to hold ransom from a user’s device until they pay them a certain amount of money or provide the cybercriminal with the information they want ( CISA.gov).

  • Password crackingis a way for cybercriminals and hackers to break into a user’s account – email, social media, online banking, etc. – by discovering his password (TechTarget).

Find out how to protect yourself and your information. Here are some helpful tips.

1. Read the manual.Familiarize yourself with the security features included with your Internet service provider. Cox Panoramic Wifi includes Advanced Security that covers all devices on your network. Installation takes less than a minute and puts you in control.

2. Keep your eyes on the road.Is this the usual phone number you use to chat with your coworker or boss? Is this the same email address your bank usually uses to contact you? Are there any typos or unusual language in this post? If a message sounds like a hook, don’t reply and don’t click any links or attachments.

3. Always have a spare.In addition to having a password on each account and device, you should update your passwords every 60-90 days. Another way to prevent cybercriminals from hacking your information is by varying your passwords between accounts.

4. Check your blind spots.You don’t want your passwords to be easily cracked. To avoid this, include an uppercase, a number, and a special character. Avoid common phrases or easy-to-guess passwords like your name, date of birth, or just a “password”.

5. Detour ahead.Do not visit any unsecured website. You can manually check the security status of a URL. At the beginning of the URL, search for “https:” and pay special attention to the “s” – it stands for secure. If not, do not click on the link.

6. Avoid bumps in the road.If you come across a suspicious pop-up message, don’t click anything and exit the web page. To avoid pop-ups, most web browsers have a setting option to disable or block them. Panoramic Wifi uses machine learning to monitor and analyze Wifi traffic and will automatically block suspicious activity in real time.

7. Don’t forget your keys.Always sign out of accounts and lock your devices before you leave them.

8. Perform regular maintenance.Stay up to date with regular system updates to keep your apps and devices ready to fight any nuanced cyber attack. With Advanced Security via Panoramic Wifi, your network is scanned for threats 24/7, and you will receive an alert if any suspicious activity or danger is detected on your device. Device monitoring is automatically extended to any device wirelessly connected to the home network: phones, laptops, game consoles, cameras, etc.

Cox supports you

We live a large part of our lives online, so it’s important to adopt safe habits and be aware of the potential dangers. Cyber ​​security can be intimidating, but you don’t have to do it yourself.

Cox offers plenty of online security features with internet plans that can spot potential frauds and scams before you even know they are. With Cox Panoramic Wifi Advanced Security is included which helps you protect yourself by preventing cyber attacks, blocking unknown connections and regularly scanning your network for threats. As you check your seat belt, make sure you have enabled Advanced Security on Panoramic Wifi.

Find out how Cox can help protect your network and devices here.

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