Broadband Internet plan for Waimate remains on track to meet deadline

Residents of Waimate can start connecting to Chorus broadband from the end of January 2022.

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Residents of Waimate can start connecting to Chorus broadband from the end of January 2022.

Fiber optic provider Chorus is not being put off by the January 2022 deadline to provide Waimate District with high-speed internet access despite delays due to the recent Covid-19 lockdown.

Construction work on the fiber optic network infrastructure in the small town of South Canterbury began on June 21, with the town divided into nine sections and services marked on trails and berms.

Jo Seddon, community relations manager for Chorus, said there have been delays due to the latest lockdown, and they are still working on it.

“Construction at Waimate is continuing as planned. We don’t expect this to have too much of an impact on when we finish our job, ”Seddon said.

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“The main issues are the delays to be built by the workers who have to stay home and then make sure that we meet the requirements of the Department of Health and the government when we return to work.

“People will see us working in grass berms, footpaths and in the communal road reserve doing jobs like laying conduits, hauling and pushing cables.”

“Small conduits will be left at the limits of people that will allow them to connect to the new network once construction is complete. There is often a bit of a mess at this time, but we will come back to tidy up once the work is done and everything will be brought back to council standards. “

Seddon said Waimate has nine “cabinet” areas, with the first in construction starting in June of this year, and that they are still on track for people to start connecting from the end of January. 2022.

Coverage area proposed for Waimate's Chorus fiber optic broadband.

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Coverage area proposed for Waimate’s Chorus fiber optic broadband.

“As the cabinet zones are completed, they will be released for connections.”

“All people have to do is look for the notification in their mailbox that says we’re done and they’re good to go. At this point, they can contact the supplier of their choice and indicate that they wish to connect to the Chorus fiber.

“Our tech will then leave, look at how he gets over the limit at home, and most likely do the job there.”

Seddon said the best news is that it’s usually free and people should get the most out of their brand new fiber connection on the same day.

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