A broadband infrastructure to finally extend Internet access to all Delawarens

BRIDGEVILLE, Delaware – On Thursday morning, state and local officials gathered in Bridgeville to discuss funding for a new investment in broadband infrastructure that will make it much easier to connect to technologies like phones across the state of Delaware. A $ 110 million investment will help cover every last mile of Delaware with high-speed internet service, a service many Delawarens have been waiting for nearly a decade. “The reliability, the higher speeds that are possible with this are badly needed now,” said Senator Brian Pettyjohn.

A Bridgeville resident and pastor of a local church tells us that the pandemic has highlighted just how poor internet service is. “Since I have a cell phone, I have never had a good reception,” says Pastor Bradley Schutt. He adds, “Our church has an app that we text, make videos, and stream live. So it is our hope and our dream to give people some hope and some good news through technology, no matter what devices they have.

Now, with this broadband infrastructure, homes and businesses in deserts with broadband can get the Internet access they expected. “We knew this was a problem, we were sounding the alarm bells about it, but really what happened with COVID, it really surfaced and really showed how much of a gap there is in it. our communities, ”said Senator Pettyjohn.

We are told that good internet access affects everything from education to telehealth to business. Now, with this funding, cable operators will be able to offer cable services in all regions of the state. “It now puts us in a position where every residence in their home that chooses to connect and be a part of this program and have that stable and reliable connection can do all of that without a problem,” said Jason Clarke, director of department information. technology and information services for Delaware.

National and local authorities tell us that this investment is about more than providing faster service, it is also about growing with the internet-based world. “Hearing what is coming with the expansion of broadband, it will be a true send from God to help us stay connected and meet our basic needs and increase the good that can happen in our county,” says Schutt.

While the process has already started, we’re told there’s still a lot of work to be done to get everyone connected. Officials say the infrastructure will be available to all Delawaren over the next two years.

Residents wishing to obtain broadband service should call their Internet service provider or local representatives.

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