20+ iOS 15 Changes That Help You Get Things Done


Almost 100 million one billion iPhone users worldwide have already installed iOS 15, according to Mixer panel. Here are 20 of the most obscure or exciting features of those who have chose to install Apple’s new mobile operating system can now access.

Easier upgrades

Every business user will benefit from upgrading their iPhone to iOS 15, which offers unlimited iCloud storage for up to three weeks when setting up a new device. Open Settings> General> Transfer or reset iPhone to use that. Business users also benefit from Apple’s brand new MDM declarative management system.

Live Text

The ability to use your camera to scan text is truly a game changer. Open your camera and point it at a road sign, page in a book or magazine. You can also open an image in your photo library that contains text and press and hold in the text box until the Live Text button appears. You can then copy this text and paste it anywhere you want.

It works great with the built-in Translate tool, which will translate the selected text in any application, and also lets you work with the translated text. You can scan a road sign, translate it, and paste that translation into an email, or use it to translate a guidebook when you’re traveling. Powerful stuff.

Privacy monitoring

You can monitor what your apps are doing in iOS 15 using a feature called Record application activity. This is a seven-day summary of how often each app accesses your microphone, visits websites, and more. It’s a great tool for identifying naps that may exfiltrate your data or use it beyond what you trust. The feature is not enabled by default, however – enable it in Settings> Privacy> Record app activity.

Share with Siri

When you come across a URL, picture, or message that you want to share with a friend or colleague, you can now say, “Hey Siri, share this with [name of person in your Contacts]”and Siri will do the work for you. It will even send an image of what you want to share if it can’t share the content itself.

Save receipts

Wallet will now automatically archive all of your expired tickets and passes. You can keep them all to remind yourself of what it was like to go on business trips.

Weather alerts

Dark Sky was a great app. Apple acquired the company, and many of its features have now been incorporated into Apple’s Weather app. One of its best is the accurate and timely forecast of rain or snow where you are; these alerts will now come from the Weather app.

  • Open the Weather app.
  • Tap the three-line icon at the bottom right, then tap the menu button at the top right.
  • To select Notifications and switch My position To At.

No trivial notifications

Best used with Focus, the notification summary makes a huge difference in your ability to maintain your attention. This will allow high priority notifications to pass, while presenting everything else as a notification summary once or twice a day. Activate this in Settings> Notifications> Scheduled summary> Activate where you can also change the time and select which notifications to summarize.

Better timer

iOS 15 sees the return of the wheel time picker as used in iOS 13 and earlier versions, but this now also benefits from a hidden numeric keypad.

Change text size for specific applications

This is very useful if you have to spend a lot of time reading or writing reports: you can change the size of the text used by specific applications.

  • Open Settings> Control Center and add the Text size
  • Now open the app for which you want to set the text size.
  • Open Control center, select Application only and press the Text Size command.
  • You can then increase or decrease the size of the text using the slider.

Spotlight on the lock screen

Spotlight is now available from the lock screen. When used with Face or Touch ID (to authorize who you are), a quick swipe down is all it takes to reach the search bar where you can search for anything. If you are not authorized, you can only search the web.

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Notes can be shared, tags, more

If you’re using shared notes, you can now see who last edited them. Open a shared note, tap the three dots, and choose Show note activity. Notes and reminders now support tags, which will help you better organize your notes and reminders.

Apple card security is enhanced

If you’re using Apple Card, there’s a new iOS 15 feature called Advanced fraud protection creates a three-digit security code that changes periodically for even more secure Apple Card purchases. The downside is that you will have to verify this code every time you want to make a purchase with your card. This protection has no impact on recurring purchases or subscriptions.

Drag and drop in apps

You can now drag text, images, links, or files from one application to another. To do this, just tap and hold an item, swipe up to go to the home screen, open the other app, and drop the item in place.

Swipin ‘Safari

Hate the new tabbed Safari interface? Many users do. But a good thing is a new swipe gesture that means you just need to swipe left or right on a tab to close it. Or just swipe left or right to navigate between open tabs.

Repair your home (screen)

You can move your home screens as easily as you already move your apps. Tap and hold a screen until all the icons start to move, then tap the small row of dots you will now see just above the Dock. All of your home screens will appear on the screen and you can drag them to your preferred order. Hide screens by checking the box below them in this view, or tap the minus icon (-) to get rid of this screen completely.

Arrive on time to change

Need to get somewhere at a certain time? Maps now allows you to specify arrival or departure times when requesting directions. Just choose the destination, press instructions then tap light blue My position, go now elements to find the Arrival optional.

Don’t lose your labeled stuff

iOS 15 will tell you if you are leaving your AirTags behind. Open Find My and in the AirTags section, toggle Warn when left behind to on.

Eliminate unwanted marketing

A new iCloud + feature lets you prevent senders from using web beacons in emails to track you. To activate the setting, which is not activated by default, go to Settings> Mail> Privacy protection and turn on the Protect email activity option. Many other improvements to Mail are listed here.

You can use Siri offline

Siri can now perform certain tasks even when not online. It will launch apps, control media playback, switch from dark mode to light mode, set up alarms and timers, read your messages to you, and disable and re-enable hardware settings like Bluetooth, AirPlane mode or Wi-Fi.

Stop, thief!

iOS 15 has two useful theft / loss protection tools. It will find the iPhones that have been erased and display a message on the Hello screen warning you when you are viewing a potentially stolen device. This should help make iPhones a less attractive prospect of theft. This is controlled by Settings> Face ID & Passcode> View & Search Today, activate (or deactivate) as desired.

More changes to explore

There are hundreds of small changes in iOS 15, before you even hit the more expensive stuff like SharePlay, FaceTime, Messages, Focus, ID cards and keys in Wallet, the ability to share health data or define a Digital inheritance.

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